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Tips for images and videos in your articles

  1. You can always edit you article using the little pencil next to the article title, on your profile article list.
  2. To make a paragraph heading: Click on the PARAGRAPH box on your menu and choose your size for the heading – Heading 3 is recommended.
  3. TIP FOR IMAGES. Add a few extra lines by clicking ENTER before you start your article. This will give extra lines after the images to continue with the article. Delete additional lines before you publish.


Just copy and paste your video link into the article. Embedding videos does not work here.

Only your link will show on the editor but the video will show once you’ve published it.

Adding LINKS

Highlight the word/s and click on the little chain icon on your menu. Add your link and click on the return arrow.


Upload your images via the Status Update Box. Right-click on your image, click Copy and then Paste (Ctrl-V on keyboard) into your article.

  1. HOW TO CONTINUE WITH THE ARTICLE AFTER THE IMAGE. Click on the image, press the right arrow on your keyboard and press Enter to open the article under the image to continue.


  • IF YOUR IMAGE IS BLURRY. It is possible that the image you’re using is too small. Small images doesn’t have enough pixels to adjust to such an enlargement. Try to make you picture bigger on Powerpoint. Or choose a bigger picture.
  • Right-click on the image and go to Properties – Details to view the size. A recommended size will be the DIMENSIONS of 700 x …, or larger.
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